Telephone communication in Bali


Telecommunication through telephone especially using mobile phone is the most popular and widely used in Bali. To shed some light on telephone communication in Bali, we bring you some information that you may need.

Since Bali is a part of Indonesia, so Bali is using Indonesian country code +62. Bali has six telephone area codes, they are :
0361 : Badung, Denpasar, Ginyar, and Tabanan regency
0362 : Buleleng regency
0363 : Karangsem regency
0365 : Jembrana regency
0366 : Bangli and Klungkung regency
0368 : Bedugul and Candikuning area in North Tabanan

Useful telephone numbers listed on telephone book but here are same important numbers that you may need:
108: local directory assistance
106: long distance directory assistance
102: international directory assistance
118: ambulance
113: fire brigade
110: police
751111: SAR (search and rescue)
751011: Airport
404305: Blood Bank
227911: Denpasar Hospital
761263: Bali International Medical Center

You have to dial the area code first when calling these numbers from mobile phone.

Telecommunication Service
Telecommunication offices is usually called wartel (a contraction of “warung telepon” or “telephone shop”) and mostly privately operated. You can make local, long distance and international call from this wartel. The official charge for international call is the same throughout Bali except for wartel in hotel area or run by hotel. Get useful help about sell my mobile phone by browse this webpage

Most wartel are using modern exchanges, you dial the number yourself and the cost is counted based on pulsa (a unit of time which varies according to the destination), the number of the pulsa and amount of rupiah you should pay are shown on a displaying device in front of the telephone. Wartel in the remote areas usually do not have computerized, automatic exchange, there is a three minute minimum and increments of one minute thereafter.

Public Telephones
Public telephones are hard to find outside the tourism areas, Home Country Direct Dial telephone can be found in Kuta, Ubud, Denpasar, and Sanur. This public telephone enable you to connect with your home country operator and you cn pay with credit card or reverse the charge.  Other types of public telephone (if you can find any) take coin or telephone card. The gold 500 rupiah coin is needed to make a phone call from this public telephone. As for the telephone card you can find it at wartel or bookshop, it comes with 100 and 200 units card.

Mobile Phones
You can also uses mobile phones since the coverage is excellent in most parts of Bali, however service is limited in more remote areas of Bali. If you do decide to bring your mobile phone to Bali, you can purchase a prepaid calling card to make outgoing calls at a lower cost than your home SIM. You can also buy a mobile phone easily in Bali, there are many shops throughout the town that sell either new and used mobile phone. As for SIM card you can also buy it from the shop where you buy your mobile phone or d from a number of shops displaying the service providers’ logos, such as, IM3, Telkomsel, Satelindo, Pro XL,  Flexi, etc. Cellular service in Indonesia is GSM  (IM3, Telkomsel, Satelindo, Pro XL, etc) and CDMA (Flexi).

CDMA has cheaper tariff than GSM but GSM has better coverage; among the GSM, Simpati has best coverage and ProXL has cheaper price. Since there is an intense competition among the service providers, the price of the SIM card and call tariff are fluctuated depends on the promotional campaign that are launched almost every month by different providers. Mobile phones in Indonesia use the pre-paid system that is you buy pre-paid credit (pulsa), which you can check by dialing a certain number. As for the batteries, for a new mobile phone, the battery is included for a replacement you can find it at the shop you buy the phone, SIM card or pulsa.